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Smart Sourcing & Delivery options

Organizations need to focus their precious resources on what they do best in order to innovate on their core competencies. But, they also need partners who can continue to innovate on the resource sourcing front.

ABMCG's Smart Sourcing solution helps a company to focus on its core, balance risk and opportunity, lower costs, increase innovation across all of its processes and finally, put in place attitudes to optimize all of these factors, socially and politically. Sourcing and offshoring are essential components of this but only if they pave the way for organizations to free up resources so they can focus on core competencies that lead to greater innovation. ABMCG offers a full range of flexible sourcing models to meet customer needs, from operating your entire IT department to managing just a portion of it or a project based on site or remotely.

Why engage Across Borders Smart Sourcing?

We offer flexible contingency-based placement costs paid only upon successful hire. Given the dynamic nature of modern business, recruiting needs commonly change in both volume and type. It is important to establish a versatile recruiting partnership that will continually respond to your needs.

A relationship with Across Borders Smart Sourcing offers:

  • Superior recruiting expertise - Each Across Borders recruiter assigned to you has work experience that helps them understand the needs of your specific industry, consequently, our recruiting knowledge comes from first-hand experience. We have faced and understand the same challenges as our candidates and clients.
  • Secure top talent - The best applicants rarely post a resume or respond to a job advertisement. The foundation of Across Borders Recruiting is the high-quality candidates that we proactively identify and recruit. For that reason we are constantly networking with new, talented candidates and solidifying our relationships with those in our database.
  • Efficiently optimize staffing - There are a multitude of reasons for hiring an executive or sales professional and many of them are impossible to predict a year or quarter ahead. It is significantly advantageous for an organization to engage with a firm that, on any given day, can scale to exactly meet your demand. Across Borders Recruiting is built to perform for you in this way.
  • Significantly lower attrition - A wider variety of properly assessed candidates leads to better hiring decisions. Accurate recruiting by Across Borders allows you to build a team of loyal employees who are a cultural fit for your organization, retaining your talent with decreased training costs.

Technology & Engineering

Across Borders Recruiting Accounting & Executive search department places professionals in a variety of technology disciplines including IT systems, networking, software and other general engineering roles such as:

  • Software Engineers and Programmers
  • System Architects and Developers
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Network Administrators
  • Help Desk and Support Staff
  • Professional Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial)

Smart Sourcing Delivery Model

ABMCG provides a flexible delivery model through specialized teams, which enables us to match valuable service delivery options to each customer need based on individual requirements for quantity, quality and cost of service. These teams are made up of subject matter experts in specific technical or application areas. These experts are available on an as needed or just in time basis for particular We stand behind our solution and services by providing customers with service metrics and performance guarantees to ensure a long-standing partnership for success.

Smart Sourcing Models

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Strategic Collaboration
  • Complete Project Based Smart Sourcing

Our Delivery models are:

  • Onsite
  • Offshore
  • Offsite
  • Hybrid ( Onsite – Offsite – Offshore)

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Additional Information

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