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Agile Transformation

Adopting agile is never about adopting agile practices. It’s not even about adopting an agile culture. While those things are important, if you don’t achieve better business outcomes, adopting agile is not worth the investment. Your journey toward greater business agility starts by identifying what outcomes are most important to your company’s success. This knowledge helps you lay a foundation for making decisions about how to tailor your approach and guide your transformation to measurably show progress toward your critical business objectives.

We help with all aspects of Agile:

  • Transformation
  • Organizational change management
  • Delivery platform
  • Integrated team coaching
  • Internal coaching programs
  • Assessment
  • Formation

CMMI Implementation Consulting

ABMCG exists to ensure your success, and for some businesses that means being appraised at a specific CMMI® level. Your CMMI level often directly impacts the satisfaction of your customers and your business as a whole.

The CMMI Institute encourages only the best practices and processes for program management, product development, quality assurance, and configuration management. In order to achieve your goals and reach the appropriate CMMI level your business is seeking, ABMCG can dive into the core of your business and analyze what systems you already have in place. A complete overhaul can disrupt your business unnecessarily, and we understand the impact that type of change has on a company. We make it our mission to provide a gentler form of implementation, and keep the aspects of your business that work in place.

From improved quality to on-time delivery, productivity, costs, and communication, ABMCG fully understands the massive benefits in CMMI®. Our CMMI® consultants work as a team with our clients’ staff to lead clients through the process, from internal evaluations of the company to applying proper practices to daily business.

Project Management Office

A project that gets off on the right foot is likely to take a successful journey. At the core of an effective project is a reliable, equipped project management system. This business necessity provides direction, scheduling, cost constraints, and risks associated with all projects. With the right tools and guidance, they can not only establish but also implement fruitful plans and changes as your needs shift.

ABMCG is prepared to tailor a plan with the PMI PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) as its base, and customize a system that suits your needs. From establishing a project to measuring with meaningful metrics, to the key element of risk assessment, we thrive on the right-sizing of your project.

ABMCG’s role in your PMO implementation depends entirely on what your business is seeking. From project planning to education, costing, deployment, training, and necessary tools, we follow a logical, holistic method of right-sizing to fit the scope of your needs. With our knowledge of PMOs, we will leave running the company to you and focus on the will of the company.

The ultimate goal of your PMO is to house all of the details of your project in order to best prioritize your business’ needs. Risk management, communication management, project prioritization, and scheduling are only a few of the factors we take into consideration when it comes to managing a successful PMO.

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