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When your customer is regularly on the move, you cannot manage to tie your business down only to conventional contact factors. Your group / clients anticipate access to information, techniques, reviews, games and programs – anywhere, at any time. ABMCG, have designed a large knowledge share and skills on how to make mobile phones to delivery point of all the access customer needs. Our solution helps use mobile phones across various systems.

ABMCG makes it possible whether it is a mobile friendly web portal, transformable E-commerce website or any gaming ideas. Our mobile tech group has designed crucial levels of skills on a range of cellular technological innovation, so we can help you accomplish a faster time to market with a clear cost benefits. Our comprehensive research into significant portable gadgets and smart-phone systems gives us the capability to aspect the customer’s actual experience into the solutions we develop.

We at ABMCG remain in touch with the latest technological innovation and follow extensive requirements for venture management software, quality and shipping.

Mobile Websites

Different Mobile systems encourage their own factors on the end-user’s browsing experience. To express a smooth experience and ensure that the highest levels of security and usability are provided, we develop mobile connections for websites that accommodate the difficulties of exploring from a mobile phone.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

As more and more customers look at the web using cellular phones, it becomes significantly important to be able to provide all your web-based solutions on mobile systems as well. Whether the preferred performance is e-commerce, project management software, reporting, personal financial or more, our team has the essential skills to effortlessly include it onto a mobile platform with requisite protecting function sets and security levels.

Mobile Applications:

Customized programs provided to your customers, staff or other stakeholders can add significant value to your brand. We provide cross-platform mobile database integration abilities along with the ability to understand your specifications in perspective and take complete control of the process of creating and providing a highly effective, user-friendly program that details your preferred visitor’s need to efficiency.

Mobile Porting Solutions:

As mobile utilization styles progress, and new systems obtain gain in the market, and the need to set up current applications on additional systems arises. A cross-platform growth viewpoint has always been one of the cornerstones of our mobile database integration strategy, so we comprehend the technicalities of porting performance from one foundation to another and have designed procedures to slot programs across systems properly.

Mobile Platforms Capability:

ABMCG mobile application abilities Bridge:

  • IOS
  • Iphone
  • Ipad
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • J2ME
  • Nokia
  • lm OS
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone 7

Benefits of ABMCG Ecommerce Solutions

  • Zero License Fee: Open Source, solid and extremely protected systems.
  • Flexibility to handle, manage and change the software
  • Integration with CMS techniques such as Drupal, Liferay.
  • Integrate with more than 50 transaction gateways
  • Multiple sites with a single instance – Low cost I.T infrastructure
  • Easily extensible as per customer requirements
  • SEO for Marketing

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