Enterprise Security


An Intelligent Approach to Security

Protecting critical business information is becoming increasingly difficult. More than ever before, organizations are faced with a growing need for secure infrastructures capable of controlling the growing complexity and sophistication of progressive security threats. One that enables them to reduce risk, safeguard critical assets and meet compliance standards across virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures.

To achieve this level of security, organizations rely on actionable insight into its users and access permissions, allowing them to more efficiently manage user identities and gain control over even the most complex IT environments. ABMCG delivers integrated and optimized security controls that deliver predictive analytics, prioritized threat data and real-time monitoring.

Integrated Layers of Identity Control

In an increasingly connected and mobile world, protecting against advanced cyber-attacks means that the entire IT infrastructure must be covered. It requires a more modern cyber security strategy. ABMCG specializes in an approach that builds an integrated, secure environment with proven layers of Identity Control: Governance, Provisioning, Privilege, Access Control and Analytics.

Real-Time, In-Depth Identity Intelligence

Cyber-attacks are not only an external risk. Malicious threats coming from within the organization are proving to become more severe and common than ever before. Identity is the new perimeter, and ABMCG’ Identity Intelligence solution delivers a comprehensive solution with actionable insights.

Identity Intelligence is uniquely positioned to extend the integration of traditional SIEM to identity systems to more intelligently manage risks from user activity in real time and provide continuous control of insider threats through identity analytics.

  • IT Security Focus Areas
  • Security Intelligence & Analytics
  • Identity Governance & Administration
  • Web, Mobile & Cloud Access Management
  • Data Security
  • User Authentication
  • Managed Security Administration

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