Cloud Migration Advisory


With our Cloud Migration Advisory , we get to know your current applications and classify them based on their unique characteristics. For example, are you using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, or have your applications been custom built for your organization?

Next, we evaluate how each application will need to scale within the cloud. What do you need today to accommodate a fluctuating workload and how much will you need in the future as your business grows? In this step we assess if your application is cloud native, and if it grows vertically or horizontally.

Our assessment also includes a close look at what you need your applications to actually do, and who uses your applications. We evaluate requirements like who uses the application, how much memory and storage it needs, security considerations and licensing restrictions.In our final step, we identify target applications and application dependency map that reveals the relationship between interdependent applications. With this knowledge, we map which applications can be migrated first and which need to wait until other, dependent applications have already been installed.

Our Cloud Advisory & Workload Migration service includes:

  • Justifying Business Case
  • Rank & Priortize Workload Savings
  • Use Cases for Workloads
  • INFRA & Landing Zone Decisioning
  • Application Designs
  • Migration Consideratons & Execution

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