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Business intelligence software it’s the “cookbook” for helping companies make better decisions.

Whether you’re a start-up or a business that has been around for decades, collecting the right data is key to growth. The reality is that without your customers you wouldn’t be in business so the need to understand them is crucial to any organization’s success.

Setting up your analytics infrastructure should be done immediately if you’re a start-up, and for those who are not, the analytics should have been started yesterday! Unfortunately, we can’t step into our time machine and travel back to get the analytics set up from the very beginning, so we forge ahead with today’s data.

We have seen it over and over where engineers will develop an “in-house” analytics solution that may be good for the present time. The question remains….how much “duct tape” can really be applied to this in-house solution as the need for more data occurs and the increased need to dissect the data across departments. If you plan on continuing to use the “duct tape” application, you might as well invent some because you’re going to need a lot to keep your “in-house” solution going!

These “in-house” solutions typically take much longer to generate data because the engineering department must translate the data before handing it over to the sales department(s) or customer service folks. Implementing the right analytics tool will save time and allow everybody who needs the data to download it, not just the engineers.

There are many organizations that do not have a data driven culture. This can be a huge barrier for some when looking at integrating a robust data analytics system. At Across Borders Management Consulting Group our expertise is working with clients to build the right data analytics infrastructure while creating an environment that offers self-service tools so those employees closest to the problem can assess the data and give recommendations. Implementing such a program removes the potential data bottleneck from the IT department so data flows directly to those who have made the data requests. It’s silly to expect the IT person(s) or the engineer(s) to analyze the data and distribute it. That’s what your department heads and statisticians are paid to do, review data and make recommendations. Free up your IT folks and push your staffers to do the work of analyzing, you will remove the bottlenecks in your system and your IT department can focus on higher priority projects.

Like in the game of football there are fumbles, we see this in the world of IT as well. We have seen organizations try to move too quickly to create a data driven culture. In this instance those organizations will miss key components. Give it time to figure out what data is needed to assess and how much is needed. Could it be 30-days worth of data or more like 6 to 12 months of information? Our IT consultants recommend the more the better, meaning tracking data that may not seem essential right now is just as important as tracking the data that is essential for the current time. We help your team to avoid flying blind so we recommend collecting all that you can, so you have data for future evaluation and you don’t have to “hope for the best!”

Next point of conversation is the data storage, where are you storing your data? On-site? Off-site? Have you ever tried to review your data once it has left and is being stored off-site? Does it look the same as when you first extracted it? Probably not! Typically, once data is stored off-site it’s no longer accessible in the format you initially downloaded it in. Our IT consultants highly recommend on-site data storage solutions so you don’t have to task your engineers with having to get the data back to the original format.

Operational data is one other point to consider when evaluating whether your organization should build their “in-house” analytics tool “complete with duct tape and fishing line” or hire an IT consultant to build the right infrastructure. Operational data is key to knowing about any action your organization is taking, while event data takes a look at how your customers are behaving while on your website.

Event data and operational data are closely linked, we highly recommend business owners review both sets of data. Combining them will tell a better story so management can make decisions, marketing teams can respond to consumer behavior and inventory teams know what are the most desirable products.

Change is hard but our IT Consultants at Across Borders Management Consulting Group can help. Consider us your IT therapists. We develop information management and analytical tools AND we assist with implementation and training employees how to use the new tools to collect data.

We invite you to think about how processes can be improved and better decisions can be made. Efficiently collecting the right data and adapting a data-centric culture will push your organization to a whole new level!

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